Pond Rules for Practice / Training or Just Having Fun

A liability waiver must be Signed and On File before using our facility.

Pond is for Dog Use ONLY. No Human Swimming is Permitted.

All Handlers  And Spectators shall treat all animals in a humane manner. Rough handling of any dog will not be tolerated.

All handlers are responsible for cleaning up after their dog.

Please submit a copy of updated Immunization Records for Public Events. This is Not necessary for your Private Visits.

All handlers and spectators shall be responsible for leaving the grounds in the same condition they found it. All trash must be removed prior to leaving. All toys are to be removed from the pond  and placed back in the storage tub. There is a retractable net available if necessary.

All dogs must be under the handlers control at all times.

Any dog in heat is not permitted on the grounds.

Any individual who does not adhere to the above established rules will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

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June 2021 Waiver pdf.pdf

Liability Waiver is Required. Download Here →